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Welcome To Millenium Kids Montessori School In Morelette  Park

Provide your child with the OPPORTUNITY – we will provide the FOUNDATION

By using the proven Montessori teaching method in combination with the Government prescribed curriculum we ensure that your most precious commodity, your child, receives the very best possible foundation to help prepare them to become a successful learner in primary and thereafter secondary school.

Millennium Kids Montessori is a registered Montessori pre-school situated in Hesketh Drive in Moreletta Park, Pretoria East.

We are an English medium nursery school.

The teachers at Millennium Kids Montessori are all highly qualified and very motivated individuals, who place the needs of your child first.

We take extreme pride in our jobs as we are well aware that we, along with parents, play a vital role in helping your children on their road to become well adapted learners in the South African School system.

A well laid foundation is the cornerstone for a successful and well adapted learner

Our clean and well cared for facilities, complete with beautiful grass playground offers a healthy and safe learning environment for your child. Playtime takes place under direct teacher supervision.

Montessori Classes

You will find the best love and care in our baby class. Our baby centre is small and it creates a homely environment.

Our 2 – 3 year old class (toilet training or potty training class) is a fun filled environment, offering lots of playtime in between work to ensure young minds are rested and capable of absorbing as much knowledge as possible.

We also offer Grade 000, 00 and Grade 0 classes at our childcare facility, where we lay a solid foundation for future learning phases.

Our crèche offers a safe environment for your child. We are protected by ADT and we have a full time security guard on duty during school hours.

“Provide your child with the OPPORTUNITY and we will provide the FOUNDATION.”


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